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Lose fat or lose energy?

Lose fat or lose energy? Posted on January 3, 2018

There are many critics of most of the diets today that are commonly known as “fad” diets. Many of these diets either recommend that the person eat a diet either high in fats and proteins while severely limiting carbohydrates. Other diets recommend that foods high in fats should be severely limited while eating foods that are high in carbohydrates. We will discuss the benefits of each of these as well as the side effects or problems that can be exacerbated by using these diets to lose weight according to available research today.

The first type of diet that we will talk about is called a ketogenic diet. This type of diet encourages the eating of high fat and protein foods while seriously restricting carbohydrates. The premise of the diet is by eating in this manner the dieter will start to burn fats for energy as opposed to carbohydrates when lower amounts of carbohydrates are consumed on a daily basis. This type of diet can result in moderate weight loss and two popular diets of this type are The South Beach Diet and The Atkins Diet.

The South Beach Diet is one of the most dangerous diets of this type according to some critics of the diet. In this diet, the person goes back and forth between a diet consisting of a period of time that carbohydrates are strictly restricted and proteins are consumed heavily to a more moderate type of diet plan. Critics call this yo yo dieting and state that the dieter will alternately gain and lose weight on this plan. It has been shown that this is not healthy as the dieter will frequently lose muscle mass, then when regaining weight put on fat instead of muscle mass, which can make it much harder to lose weight in the future.

There are concerns for future problems with high cholesterol, circulatory issues, and heart disease by following diets such as this for prolonged periods of time. Medical journals have reported that severe complications have been experienced while on the diet including cardiac arrhythmias, kidney problems, chronic fatigue, and severe electrolyte imbalances.

Low fat diets can produce moderate weight loss and can help to reduce the risk of heart disease and circulatory problems, however this type of diet is not without its problems as well. In this type of diet fatty foods are replaced by carbohydrates which can have repercussions as well according to critics. Studies have shown that these types of diets can increase the incidence of latent obesity due to yo yo dieting, and people not continuing to eat properly after completing the cycle of the diet. This type of diet can also be cause of metabolic disorders as well as type II diabetes.

Most physicians and dieticians do agree that the best way to achieve weight loss is to eat a well balanced diet that is full of high quality nutritionally rich foods and to exercise or be active on a regular basis. It is recommended to limit high fat foods that are not nutritionally sound as well as foods or drinks which are high in calories and have no nutritional value.

The critics of fad diets recommend the above type of diet for the long term. It is really not considered a diet instead a way to eat to live, instead of living to eat. Everything can be enjoyed from time to time but moderation is key as well as being aware of what foods are good for you is essential to learning how to eat and be healthy without sacrificing anything to do so.