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How To Lose Weight In Your Arms

How To Lose Weight In Your Arms Posted on January 1, 2018

Just about everyone is interested in how to lose weight in your arms.  Each individual has their own unique trouble areas where they feel they need to lose the most weight to achieve the toned look they desire.  For many men and women alike the arms are that area.  Nobody wants to have unattractive, flabby arms that sag down when reaching up to grab something or give someone a hug.  Men typically want the nice, defined muscular arms and women often want the slim, toned arms.  So the question is, how does one achieve their goal of perfect arms?  It’s not as hard as people might think.

There are several factors that contribute to flabby arms.  The first, of course, is the overall weight of the person.  Someone who is extremely overweight will almost always have flabby arms. Obese people have fat on virtually all parts of their body and the arms are no exception.  Other people may be in relatively good shape overall but just can’t seem to get their arms toned up.  While this can seem like an easier problem to tackle, it is often very difficult.  The body type of this person may make it harder to build up the arm muscles to keep the flabby look away.

Let’s start with the overweight person.  It goes without saying that if one is already very overweight the first step to getting sexy arms is to drop some pounds.  While it would help to start a regular diet and exercise program to help to lose the extra fat, it makes more sense to pick a routine that will focus on the arms so as the weight falls off the arms are getting toned up and muscular.  When designing an exercise routine to achieve the combined results of losing fat quickly and toning up the arms its important to combine cardio and some resistance.

To get the fat melting off quickly the routine should have a good amount of cardio.  While most people think of cardio as running or swimming, one can also have ‘arm focused’ cardio exercises.  Jumping jacks are great since they get the heart rate up quickly but also require the arms to be moving.  To help tone the arms even more one can hold small weights in the hands or attach them to the wrists to increase the resistance while doing jumping jacks.  Another great cardio exercise for the arms are ‘mummy kicks’.  These are a simple exercise where one raises the arms up to shoulder level and holds them straight out.  Then begin by doing a small jump and kick one leg forward, keeping it straight, then alternate to the other leg.  While doing this simply move the hands so the left one is on top of the right and then reverse it so the right is on top of the left.   This will keep the heart pumping fast while giving the arms and shoulders a good workout.

Resistance training has lots of arm focused options to choose from.  Push-ups and pull-ups are the two most common arm exercises but they can be difficult.  Keep in mind that it’s important to push hard and get the muscles a good work out so they will build up and burn fat.  Another option is hitting a punching bag.  This is a great workout for the triceps and while it is mainly a good resistance exercise it will also help burn fat.

Toning up the arms for someone that is already in good shape requires a different mindset.  The entire focus of the program can be geared towards the arms to shape and tone them in a direct way.  Exercise such as reverse push-ups which focus on triceps and bench press which targets biceps can be combined to achieve great looking arms.   Another exercise that can really boost the results is jumping rope.  Jumping rope requires  a lot of work in the arms and uses all the muscles in the arms so its really great for toning them up.

Dieting should always be done while trying to lose weight or tone up any part of the body.  Dieting is more than just cutting the amount of food one eats.  A true diet should take into account the goals someone wants to accomplish through dieting.  For people who want to lose weight in the arms the diet should consist of a good amount of low fat, low calorie protein like lean chicken or fish.  This will give the body the fuel it needs to work out and make muscle but not the extra calories which make people fat.

Getting all the key vitamins and minerals is also key as these are what will help keep the skin healthy. When you find out how to lose weight in your arms or toning up having healthy skin is very important.  The skin needs to be healthy when losing weight because ideally the skin will remain tight and not get saggy once the weight is gone.  When working on toning up it is important to have healthy skin because as the muscles grow and change the skin may have to stretch and grow with it and healthy skin is far less likely to get stretch marks.

The bottom line is anyone can have sexy, toned arms once they learn how to lose weight in your arms.  Using these tips and tricks, along with developing some good exercises that work for your specific goals, you can have the arms you’ve dreamed about.  Make sure to stick to the plan that works best for you as once your arms look great you have to work to keep them firm and toned.  Don’t slip back into the unhealthy habits which got your arms out of shape to begin with.